Smart Precision Agricultural Irrigation in a Chinese Environment (SPAICE) by Heriot-Watt University and Anyang Academy of Agricultural Science

  • A MoU was signed between Heriot-Watt University and Anyang Academy of Agricultural Science in August 2018 to develop the SPAICE project between the two institutes; 
  • The key industrial and commercial partner in this project is Kingland Technology, one of the leading ecological and agricultural technology companies with a listed market value of 10billion Yuan.
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Scottish Scientists Making an Impact on the Chinese Environmental Industry

  • In August 2018, Mr Gordon McGregor, Professor Edward H Owens, Professor David W Corne were invited to attend the Annual Conference of the Chinese Society for Environmental Science (CSES) in Heifei.  The CSES Annual Conference is the biggest environmental science and technology event in China, attended by over 2,500 individuals, from both public and private sectors, nationally and internationally;
  • Mr Gordon McGregor closed the CSES Annual conference along with other four Chinese environmental leading figures, from both enterprises and academic research institutes, sharing UK experiences of linking research with industries; 
  • The presentation of the application of Smart Precision Irrigation technology in India, outlined the potential application in Chinese Environment, presented at the conference by Professor Edward H Owens and Professor David W Corne. 
  • In September 2018, Mr Edward Craig, Depute Director and Head of Enterprise and Innovation of Edinburgh  Centre for Carbon Innovation, shared the European best practice on improving environmental literacy and promoting ecological civilisation at theWorld Conference on Science Literacy, in Beijing. 
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